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Donate to the Guardian Angels Benevolence Fund Today

The Guardian Angels Benevolence Fund symbolizes hope for seniors who have exhausted their financial resources. Unexpected circumstances such as illness, deteriorating health, and longevity can lead to financial distress or even crisis, necessitating a lifeline for seniors. The Benevolence Fund provides not just financial aid but also a sense of security and compassion to those in need. And the need continues to grow at a fast pace.

Resident Testimony: The last several months have been extremely difficult for me; emotionally, physically, and financially. I have drawn down my lifetime retirement savings, and my care needs are now in excess of three times my fixed income. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Guardian Angels has taken me under their wing and given me a peace of mind I never thought I would have again.

True to the Guardian Angels’ mission of delivering exceptional health care, housing, and supportive services to seniors and their families in the spirit of Christ’s love, this resident continues to find a home at Guardian Angels. Thanks to generous donors, this resident receives the same high-quality care, compassion, and attention that all other residents are privileged to.

Please give a gift to support the Benevolence Fund today. Your contribution, no matter the size, can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Another simple and safe way to support Guardian Angels is to become a monthly donor. This allows you to set up a gift once, and the donation will reoccur monthly without any extra work from you! You can choose the amount you wish to donate each month, and you can cancel or change your donation at any time. Contact Pat Hackman at 763-635-4485 for more information.