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We know you’re eager to return and we look forward to opening our doors and serving our members once again!  We want you to have the confidence and peace of mind that we will deliver the safest environment possible. The health and safety of our members and staff remains our focus.


We are updating all policies and practices to ensure a Covid-19 reduced risk environment. Stay tuned for our Phase 1 reopening update soon! Phase 1 will include opening to the tenants in our building and a reservation style system for equipment use.


Please continue to stay updated via our website, Facebook and voicemail at 763-635-5463.


In good health,

Your Club GA Wellness Team


9200 Quantrelle Ave NE, Otsego, MN 

For more information contact Lori Resendiz, Wellness Coordinator - 763-635-5463

Warm water therapy pool available at Club GA-Otsego

Club GA – Warm Water Therapy Pool
What’s it all about? Club GA’s warm water therapy pool is heated between 88-92 degrees.  Traditional indoor pools are kept around 77 degrees.  Club GA’s pool is 3 ½ -4 ½ feet deep, so it’s perfect for floating, walking, light aerobics, stretching sore muscles and even sitting on the built-in-pool-bench and just enjoying the jets!

What are the benefits of warm water therapy pools?  The warmer temps aid in relieving joint and muscle pain.  Water’s natural buoyancy supplies resistance and moving through water has a lower impact on your muscles and joints.  Warm water increases circulation, which results in a decrease in swelling and muscle inflammation that can occur from injuries or daily stress.  Warm water stimulates blood flow and can be helpful in fighting the pain and stiffness of arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. 

                                          Come join us for a game of Pickleball!

Have you tried pickleball yet?  While it originated in 1965, the game has been making a comeback in recent years nationwide!  A cross between tennis, badminton and Ping-Pong, pickleball is a great game participants of all ages can enjoy!

What are the benefits of playing pickleball?  This is a great game that is fun to play!  It also strengthens muscles and bones, boosts cardiovascular health, reduces stress, helps maintain a healthy weight and enhances brain function.  The best part… it’s SOCIAL!  You can play singles or doubles!

What can you do to make your pickleball experience better?  Be prepared!  This includes wearing supportive shoes and possibly even forearm, wrist or ankle stabilizers/supporters if you have a weak joint.  Pre-play warm up exercises and post-game stretches are always a good idea too!

New to the game?  Then Club GA is the place for you!  Come try it out during our “Intro to Pickelball” Sessions Monday’s and Wednesday afternoons!  Check-out our  Wellness Schedule for more  detials!
Come join us at Club GA-Otsego!


Be a part of a better lifestyle at Guardian Angels!

No matter our age or current physical condition, we can all benefit from exercise. And reaping the rewards of exercise doesn’t require strenuous workouts. At Club G.A., the new Guardian Angels’ Wellness Center, you will be guided by a trained Wellness Coordinator to use exercise equipment that was designed for YOU!

Guardian Angels’ Wellness Center membership includes access to state-of-the-art HUR© strength training equipment designed specifically for seniors, cardio equipment to help build muscular endurance and stamina, free weights, resistance bands and other exercise accessories to help increase small muscle and core strength and improve range of motion and flexibility, and access to a variety of Wellness Programs that will range from balance and nutrition to spiritual health.

If you are interested in strengthening your muscles and core, improving your heart health, increasing your endurance and improving your balance, then Club G.A. is for you! All senior tenants and community members age 50+ are welcome.


Kayla Miller

Director of Wellness



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