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Friends of Guardian Angels Care Center

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Please consider joining! 


Friends of Guardian Angels Care Center was formed to provide services that enhance the quality of life for the residents of GACC. We welcome new members (men and women) to join as we work towards providing quality and joy to our residents daily lives. The FGACC group meets every other month at the Care Center and is a member of the Health Care Auxiliary of MN.

Fundraisers such as, Scrap Booking & Craft Event, Easter Basket Silent Auction, Fudge Sales throughout the community and Wayzata Bay Spices sold in our GACC Gift Shop are sponsored by FGACC each year.  All proceeds from these events are used to directly enhance the leasure lives of the residents at GACC. Everything from the 300-wing state of the art tub room, IPads, large print books, videos, Christmas gifts for the residents, gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and a complete renovation to our GACC Reflection Room. 

We hope that you will consider joining us as we strive to enhance the quality of life at GACC for those we all love.

For more information on the Friends of  Guardian Angels Care Center please contact Lynn Owens, FGACC Facilitator at 763-241-4460 or lowens@ga-er.org




Reflection Room Renovation

Several years ago, two families made generous donations to enhance the Reflection Room-a designated place for all residents, residents' families and Guardian Angels' staff-to use as a quiet place for prayer and meditation.  It is available all hours of the day and all are welcome to visit.

George and Joan Zabee donated a stunning stained-glass window in memory of Joseph and Frances Zabee and Thomas Zabee.  The Wilson family donated a beautiful altar in memory of Roland and Edith Wilson. The stained-glass window adds such beauty to the room and the Altar is now being used in our Chapel for all worship servies. Guardian Angels will be forever grateful to the Zabee and Wilson families for their donation.

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Dan Dixon, Donita Grell, Father Joe Calandra &

Joan Zabee, current Care Center resident and donor of Stained-glass window.


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Cross donated by FGACC for our Chapel

Friends of Guardian Angels Care Center members - July 2018

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FGACC Members working on assembing Easter Baskets for our 2018 Silent Auction.  

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Reverie Harp 

The Friends of Guardian Angels purchased two Reverie Harps as a therapeutic tool for the Recreation staff to use while visiting with residents and they have made a wonderful impact on the residents lives. Residents seem to lose their apprehension about playing because the music becomes whatever they want it to be!

According to the designers and makers of the Reverie Harp: “The Reverie Harp is designed as a therapy tool for non-musicians . It is designed specifically so that a person does not need to engage the mind to enjoy pleasant sounds. So the word “play” does not mean “perform” on this harp. You “play with” this harp. You can close your eyes and play with it – we call it “noodling around” on the strings so that any resident can enjoy playing with it. The harp is designed for relaxation, for simple fun, soothing harmonies, tactile stimulation, resonant vibrations and satisfaction of instant pleasure and success. It is also useful as a tool to stimulate conversation and interaction and staff and residents can make musical harmonies together”.